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Frederic Halt

Coaching available by appointment only

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Ride behind our 2016 Mastercraft Pro Star for a 15 minute set or rent the lake by the hour to fit in your whole party!​

+35 World Slalom Champion (2014)
1st on the +35 world ranking (2014)

           Best 2014 scores
                              .5 buoys at 41" (34mph)
                              .3 buoys at 41" (36mph)     

Don't have a ski or lifevest?
We've got you covered!

Lifevest - $5
Waterski - $10

Frederic Halt has been skiing for, competing and coaching for the last 20 years and he has become one of the best most respected slalom skiers in the world.

1 set - $45
   Hourly Rental - $180

Coaching available by appointment only

For more info please call 843.559.2520 

Frederic's latest achievements:

Our Ski Coaches

He has a passion for the sport and whether you are looking to get the right keys to enjoy skiing even more, to gain a couple buoys or to get to that next rope length, Fred would love the opportunity to work with you.

Traci Weis

Traci Weis grew up in Wisconsin as a recreational skier. She began competing in college in 2004 and has fallen in love with the sport. She has coached at ski schools all over the world over the last ten years. Traci is excited to work with skiers of all abilities. As a recreational skier who approached the slalom course for the first time at age 18, Traci understands the challenges of switching from open water skiing to course skiing. She has gone from scoring a zero in her first tournament in 2004 to winning the Women’s 2 National slalom title in 2014. Traci also coaches beginner and intermediate tricks. Whether it is your first time skiing, your first time in the course, or your first time trying a new speed or line length, Traci looks forward to helping you achieve your skiing goals.

Coaching available by appointment only

Adam Caldwell

If you would like coaching please schedule it with one of the pros listed below.