Boat Pull

Ride behind our Mastercraft Boats for a 25 minute set or rent the lake for an hour to fit in your whole party!


Ride                      $45

Weekends               $55

Hourly Rental    $100

​Rental Equipment

Need a board? Don't have a ski?
We've got you covered!

Waterski         $10
Wakeboard     $10
Helmet           $5
Lifevest          $5

We finally have all of our Cable systems up and running! 

Funkytown ~ (Our Advanced Cable)  ~~~This cable setup has multiple advanced-level features and ramps for the experienced rider.

Playground ~ (Our Intermediate Cable) ~~~ This cable setup will have smaller, easier to ride ramps and features that will prepare the intermediate rider for more advanced level riding if they so choose to progress.

Grom ~ (Our Beginner Cable) ~~~ This cable is setup specifically for the beginner rider. There are no obstacles or ramps to run into; allowing the rider to learn the basics much faster than if they were to be worried about avoiding ramps on the other two cable systems.

Cable Park

Choose a cable ride on our Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced cable system.
Rates Per Person


1st Hour         $25

Extra Hour     $10


1st Hour         $25

Extra Hour     $5

Group Hourly Rental   $100